Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC
Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Schwartz gets Kinesiotaping

Schwartz had another massage and we applied some kinesiotape to see if we can get him even more relaxed.  This makes three massages, two acupuncture treatments, and a week on ulcer medications.  Interestingly, I have not seen him cribbing for two days.  He still may be doing it, but not when I've been watching.  At the very least, he has definitely decreased his cribbing. 

Because of how the timing worked out, I had to teach a riding lesson when the massage therapist began working on Schwartz.  I had him tied with his evening mash and a hay bag, and I left to go to the round pen to teach my lesson.  Amy, the massage therapist, said as soon as I was out of sight he quit eating.  She said that he was distinctly more anxious when I disappeared, and he never took his eyes off the arena.  She also said he became very oral, nipping and shoving her with his head, which he has not done before.  He also didn't want her to touch his face.  When my lesson was finished I came back and stood with him, and he was very quiet, smoochy and relaxed.  Amy said it was impressive to see the difference in him.  It sure looks like Schwartz has gotten attached, now I'm his security blanket.  I've had other horses who were like this, too.  As youngsters Cecil and Highboy were very dependent on being able to see me or they would very nearly melt down.  It makes me wonder if Schwartz will decide he is ok with eventing.  If he trusts me enough to try something when I say he can do it I may have a brave and bold horse on my hands.

 Schwartz was taped with a special technique along his back and on the top/side of his neck.  Paying attention to how much stretch is applied and how the material is positioned, these tapings ideally will help his muscles to relax by increasing circulation and supporting his muscles.

We also did a taping on Fergie, who has a host of old injuries.  We are experimenting to see if we can get her more relaxed as well, and to get some myofacial release.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monty's Conformation Photos

I got some wonderful photos of Monty today so potential buyers can appreciate his great conformation.  For more information about Monty you can view his sale blog post here:


Fergie in the Indoor Arena

Fergie and Sara rode today as well, and Fergie was messing around pushing Sara's buttons.  Sara handled it like a champ, and got Fergie minding her manners. 

Tao Rides with His Owner

Today I rode Tao and he was so quiet and steady we decided to have his owner hop on.  She was smiling ear to ear for most of the ride, and she even did some trotting on him on the lunge line. 

Schwartz Update

Schwartz has been coming along really nicely.  He has had two massages, two acupuncture treatments, and one kinesiotaping.  We took some conformation photos of him today and some photos of me riding him in my favorite orange shirt.  He sure does clean up nicely!  He is for sale if the right home comes along, otherwise he will be going with me to the Retired Racehorse Project makeover in October in Kentucky.

 I like to title these photos, "Ride an OTTB, get your dressage test done faster!"

Happy walking back to the barn after a good ride.