Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC
Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cross Country at Moqui with Highboy and Daisy

We were fortunate to be able to make it to the rain date at Moqui Meadows for a couple cross country runs today.  Highboy rode the novice course twice, after some nonsense in the warmup.  He really thinks that the warmup for anything is just an excuse to party with new friends.  I didn't give him much time today to be silly, and we headed out on course after just ten minutes.  He was a machine on course, apparently he's decided to kick things into another gear. 

Unfortunately our paparazzi was home with a migraine, so we only have my cell phone photos from walking the course and of the horses afterwards. 

This is the second fence on course, after we jump a hanging log to start off.  The one Highboy did was the middle of the whole thing, third from the left.  I thought he might give this one a look since it was in such a shadow, but it turned out that he wasn't bothered by it at all and sailed over with no difficulties.

Fences 8 and 9 were fun.  Eight was a jump up a bank, and then three canter strides to a coop. 

The first round we had a hard look at fence 14 and then we entered the water at a trot, but the second time through Highboy galloped right through. 

This is the small trakehner that Raven was super-looky at when we last rode here, but Highboy never gave it a glance.  He hopped over and galloped up the hill to fences 17A&B.

This one was fun as well, we jumped the log, then cantered two strides to jump down a bank.  Highboy rode this like an old pro.  The second to last fence was 18, and we galloped up a little hill, hopped the jump, then galloped down the little hill on the other side.  Some careful footwork here, but Highboy did this well, too.

 I brought Daisy along because she hasn't traveled much and needed the experience.  She got a trailer ride to and from the event, plus a couple hours standing around at the trailer.  She initially did some pawing and fussing, but after a while she realized that truly no one cared what she was up to and gave in up in favor of snacking from her hay bag. 

Another benefit to Daisy coming along was that she got to watch the warmup and some of the cross country fences from where we were parked.  It's all good life experience for a pony who is in search of her new home.  We had several people comment on how cute she is and how well put together.  I plastered her sale flyers around the grounds, and there was some interest from people looking for a small mount. 

It was fun to see the two horses together at the trailer when Highboy and I were finished.  My short stocky pony mare, and my tall lanky gelding were quite a contrast in sizes and shapes!

We went home feeling satisfied and happy with how Highboy's two rounds went, and pleased with Daisy's epiphany that she can stand quietly even in a new place with lots of action going on.  A wonderful way to end Highboy's eventing season!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Photos

Highboy, Miles, and I spent some time in the round pen this afternoon playing over the jumps and hanging out.  Here were some of our photos and video!


Raven got some time in the round pen, too, and showed us her jumping style as well.  I know the bays can all start to look similar, I guess it demonstrates that I definitely have a "type"!

Last but not least I took Daisy out to the round pen for some exercise.  She showed that she is capable of some cute jumping form!  Combine her flat hunter gaits with that adorable toe flick and you could have a super cute hunter pony on your hands!  She is still available and more information about Daisy can be seen here:

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Red Mountain Ride

Yesterday at the last minute we headed out to Red Mountain Open Space for a quick trailride along our favorite loop.  It ends up being 7.2 miles, which we can do fairly quickly if we trot where the footing is good.  Highboy is definitely fit after a summer of training and eventing, so he enjoyed even the trotting through the deep sand in the wash.  Shambhu and Beauty had a good time too, but didn't seem quite as exuberant as Highboy (who is?).

My favorite parts of this trail are where the terrain is incredibly red, hence the name Red Mountain Open Space.  In the past I've had a hard time getting the photos to really show how steep and dramatic this part of the trail is, so this time I took a video while I let Highboy pick his footing through the winding parts.

After we finished that section of trail we got to the stock water tank.  Highboy loves water and after having a beverage he tried to eat the algae.  Beauty did some snorkeling, and also tried to coax Shambhu into a water fight.

This video shows some of the super cool rock formations we ride through at one end of the loop.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Atlantis For Sale

Now Available

Atlantis YC

10 y/o
Registered Zweibrucker, incredibly well bred German Warmblood gelding
Bay with sock on right hind
16.2 hands

Lifetime registration with USEF
Solid first level dressage mountLoads, ties, bathes, clips, good for farrier and vet, friendly personality and easy keeper 
Current on deworming, coggins, vaccinations, farrier, dental work, etc. 
$15,000 to increase with training and show experience

Video may be seen here:https://youtu.be/L9zTBjsAhJM

Atlantis has had many miles out on the trails in the high country as a youngster, and has the excellent mind to prove it.  He is currently in dressage training with Kim Leonard and is a very solid first level horse.  He has incredible suspension and loft in his gaits and travels very naturally uphill.  He has rhythmic gaits at the walk, trot, and canter, easy leg yields and gait extensions with a lovely shoulder-in.  Atlantis does best in a regular riding program and thrives on routine and consistency as he loves to work and loves his job as a dressage horse.

Atlantis has the brain, body, and gaits to be an upper level dressage mount, and is in search of his ideal person to progress him through the
 levels.  In training until sold, price to increase with show experience.

Atlantis has a puppy dog personality and loves to be around people.  He is kind and affectionate, enjoying attention from everyone.  An easy keeper, he does well on timothy hay and basic supplements. He has good feet and is comfortable barefoot or in shoes.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to meet Atlantis, contact Kim Leonard at bitofhoneytraining@gmail.com