Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC
Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Miss Pea and Jasi's First Ride

Miss Pea arrived last week, had her teeth attended to in the fall veterinary appointment on Thursday, and I've put three rides on her since she's been back at Bit of Honey.  She sure is intelligent and sensitive, she remembers everything she's been taught despite having a few months off from work.  Because things have gone so smoothly with her return, today she was ready to have Jasi ride.

Since Chester had to be returned to my friend for retirement, there's been a hole in Jasi's horse repertoire.  While she can ride nearly anything on the place, it's different to have a horse that is solely your responsibility.  Miss Pea is Jasi's move-up horse, a good challenge with a safe temperament for her to learn the next steps in training and competing. 

This first ride for the two of them together was a vast success.  As with Chester, it was hard to tell who was smiling bigger, the girl or the horse.

After practicing some starts, stops, and turns to get acquainted with each other, they did a little riding both to the left and right.  With some coaching from me, Jasi very quickly settled into the style of riding Miss Pea prefers.  The trot was quite nice, and there were some accidental flying lead changes as Jasi figured out how little she needs to do to cue Miss Pea for the canter.  By then end they both were beaming and looking pretty darn pleased with themselves.

Video of them cantering can be seen here:

These two are going to be a fun pair to watch as the 2018 show season draws closer!

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