Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC
Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sports Psychology Tips

 I came across this article online today and thought it was really well phrased.   A quick summary:

Confidence as a personal account!

Every time you say or think something good about your riding and your horse you make a deposit.
Every time you say or think something negative, you make a withdrawal.
Don't bankrupt yourself!

I was scared today.
I was scared to get on, scared to walk out the yard because I had a bad ride the day before. One bad ride, and it made me scared.
I didn’t know why. I’ve had 1000 bad rides. I’ve had 1000 falls. I’ve broken bones and bruised my pride on countless occasions, but today I was scared.
Why? Because confidence is fragile. It takes months and years to build and seconds to lose and yet we are so careless with it.
When we get on a horse, we wear a hat to protect our head. We wear body protectors, gloves, boots...
We pay so much attention to protecting ourselves physically, we forget that our minds are not invincible, and our confidence certainly is not.
Your bank of confidence needs regular deposits, not just from others... but from you. Self confidence is the most valuable currency in life.
When you go to get on, and you hesitate, you falter and you start to ask yourself “can I do this?”, chances are, your account is almost empty.
Every time you laugh and say “oh no, I’m no good” or “so and so is 10x better than me”, you make a withdrawal from that account, and before you know it, your account is empty and you’re scared to get on.
But every time you say “I’m really pleased with how that went” or “I think I rode that really well”, your balance increases.
We need to learn to give ourselves a break, pat ourselves on the back and allow ourselves to feel proud of where we are - after all, most of the time we’ve worked bloody hard to get there!
Recognising your strengths is just as important as recognising your weaknesses. Never allow yourself or anyone else to empty that account.
Confidence is valuable, don’t bankrupt yourself.

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