Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC
Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Monday, September 7, 2020

Highboy at Red Mountain

This morning Owen and I took Highboy to Red Mountain intending to repeat the 12 mile loop we'd done with Raven a few weeks ago.  We got three miles in and needed to turn around because of the smoke from the Cameron Peak wildfire.  I did get a photo of the smoke cloud when we were at the top of Cheyenne Rim trail.  After I took this photo the wind shifted and there was too much smoke to comfortably continue our ride, so we turned around and went back the way we came.

While the smoke was less at the lower elevation on our way hustling back to the parking lot,  I let Highboy gallop through the wash until we reached our turn back onto the harder footing.

We also did some trotting along the trail, too.  Highboy was ok when the smoke wasn't too bad, but he definitely slowed down and coughed a bit when the smoke was thicker.

I got very sparse photos since the ride was so short and quick, but I took the obligatory selfie of me and Highboy when we returned to the trailer, as well as one selfie with Owen in the background.

My favorite shot was the selfie Owen took.  Highboy was trying pretty hard to nuzzle Owen and smooch on him during the picture, but we got a good one.  I love trail riding with my Barefoot Mountain Thoroughbreds and Owen!

It was warm when we got back home, and it's supposed to be in the 90s today.  Tonight, however, I'll be blanketing all the sparsely-coated horses in their winter pajamas because we have a snowstorm moving in with predicted temperatures in the 20s overnight.  We're supposed to get 3-9" of snow over the next few days, so the next blog post will likely be another series of stunning photos of horses in the powder.  

Colorado weather is so odd, but with any luck this will extinguish the wildfires burning to the west of us.  I'm going to hope the 50mph wind doesn't affect the fire other than to blow it back onto itself.

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