Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC
Welcome to Bit of Honey Training LLC

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Saxon is SOLD!

 Saxon has found his new forever home, and he got there safely yesterday!  Congratulations to Mark and all the folks at The Village Club in Denver, you will all get a tremendous amount of joy from this big guy!

Saturday morning I loaded Saxon into my extra large trailer to head south to Denver to his new home.  Thankfully the trailer is plenty large enough to accommodate the big guy!

When we arrived at Saxon's new barn we got there about five minutes before Mark, his new owner.  We took the time to capture some glamour shots.  

Once Mark arrived and we had finished the last of the paperwork I unloaded Saxon from the trailer. 

As they were getting Saxon's new stall ready with fresh shavings, water, and hay Mark led Saxon to the arena so he could get a good look at his new home.

Pointing out the barn to Saxon as he's given the tour.

Saxon will have a special place both at the barn and in his new family's heart.  About two months ago they unfortunately lost their previous horse at nearly thirty years old.  Saxon is the new equine member of the family, and is already touching the hearts of everyone who meets him!

Once the stall was prepared, we all headed to the beautiful stone building where Saxon's new stall was located.

Saxon happily went right into his stall, then through the door into his run on the back side of the barn.  To his delight, with his height he could easily reach over the fence into his neighbor's feed tub to have a mouthful of hay.  It was a simple matter to scoot the hay feeder over to the other side, and Saxon got his own pile of snacks inside his stall.

We left Saxon with his new fan club adoring him, feeling quite happy with how things turned out for this special horse. 

The following morning I got this text with a photo from Mark: "Very spoiled!  He is incredibly affectionate.  Yesterday we were talking and he had to be in the mix."

I'm so pleased we found such a great match for Saxon.  Congratulations to Mark and his family, as well as the other folks at The Village Club.  We wish you all the best and are so pleased you found your newest family member!

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